“Catholic School Management calls us to be the best we can be. All of us – even the finest schools – occasionally get into a rut. Even if your finances and enrollment are the best, your organization can be in a rut. Catholic School Management calls forth the energy from schools to step up to the plate and to raise the bar. They have a genuine concern for the good of our schools. They are convinced that Catholic schools have a place in our country and they are out to prove it.”

Former Assistant Superintendent, Diocese of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Financial Planning and Management

Effective business management is critical to the effcient operation and long-term viability and vitality of a Catholic school. A division of Christian Brothers Services, Catholic School Management consultants assist owners, board members and administrators in designing and implementing effective business management systems for Catholic schools at the elementary, middle and secondary levels.

CSM emphasizes adopting an effective financial planning and management model. Key elements typically include long-range financial planning, annual budgeting, use of calendarized budgets and cash flows, monthly variance analysis, cash management procedures, financial reporting and appropriate use of accounting and legal services people. While experience-based and accepting of best practices, financial planning guidance is customized to the needs of the individual client.

Services include:

  • Board member training in financial planning, management and reporting for Catholic schools
  • Budget development assistance
  • Budget development timelines
  • Budget management
  • Budget monitoring formats and guidance
  • Business office operation
  • Cash flow services
  • Contract guidance
  • Financial analysis, metrics and dashboard indicators for Catholic school administrators and board members
  • Finance committee training
  • Financial management services
  • Financial planning
  • Financial reporting guidance
  • Long range financial planning
  • Purchasing guidance
  • Roles and responsibilities for finance committees
  • Tuition planning and financial aid analysis

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