“Catholic School Management worked with several of our 56 schools. Their institutional assessments were a valuable reference for me as a superintendent. They provided a “CT scan ” of the individual institutions, showing what the strengths were and where there were areas for growth. It was particularly helpful that it came from an outside group, because strategically it enabled me to go into the schools and help.”

Former Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Oakland, CA

Institutional Assessments

Institutional assessments are a flagship service of Catholic School Management. Institutional assessments assist owners, board members and administrators in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an individual school. Assessments help owners and board members effectively structure and staff the school for long-term viability and effectiveness.

Catholic School Management consultants have conducted more than 100 assessments over the past three decades. Consultants with extensive depth and breadth of experience are uniquely qualified to identify both opportunities and threats to a Catholic school's viability and vitality.

Assessments, whether full institution or limited, are always tailored to the individual client’s needs. Assessments encompass the operation of an entire school including:

  • Academic programs
  • Administration structures, span-of-control and issues
  • Athletic programs
  • Business affairs
  • Development programs
  • Enrollment management
  • Faith community affairs
  • Governance models & effectiveness
  • Guidance and counseling programs
  • Image
  • Marketing programs
  • Mission
  • Ownership
  • Philosophy
  • Student affairs
  • Technology
  • Vision

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